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The Future of Airbnb in Israel

Welcome to the future of hospitality management with hostoguest - The ultimate solution for hosts and guests, powered by your friendly AI assistant, Billy.

hostoguest is designed to offer a seamless experience for hosts and guests alike. As a host, streamline your property management tasks and access a range of valuable features to provide unforgettable experiences for your guests. Guests will enjoy the convenience of easy check-ins, preordering services, and a personalized stay.

From ordering services to a “white label” guest app, easy check-ins to a CRM for your customers, hostoguest has got you covered. Our platform is constantly evolving, with new features and improvements being added regularly.

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OUR Testimonials


As the founder of a prominent cleaning company in Israel, I identified a gap in the market for a more efficient and effective solution to the challenges facing hosts and guests in the short-term rental industry. With the demand for high-quality management services ever-increasing, I saw an opportunity to create a platform that would provide an all-in-one solution to streamline and simplify the property management process.

hostoguest was born from this vision – a belief that property management should be easy, convenient, and stress-free. Our team understands the demands of busy hosts and guests and strives to provide the best possible service to meet their needs. We are committed to utilizing innovative technology and cutting-edge solutions to make property management a breeze.

A key part of our innovative approach is our AI bot, Billy. Billy represents a unique solution that combines two approaches in the hospitality industry: one that is contactless, allowing guests to handle everything independently, and the other where hosts work closely with guests to ensure they have everything they need. By combining these approaches, Billy provides a seamless and versatile hospitality experience.

Our experienced professionals work tirelessly to enhance the user experience and provide unparalleled support to our users. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our platform and stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic short-term rental industry. Join us today and experience the future of hospitality management with hostoguest.

Lidor Mamou


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